Thai passports

Thai passports

8 ก.ย. 2562

Thai passports

Documents required when applying for a Thai passport


  • Identification card
  • Copy of House Registration
  • Military service document (for those aged between 17-45 years)
  • Passport (in case of renewing a passport)


  • Identification card
  • Copy of House Registration
  • Passport (in case of renewing a passport)

Children and youths (under 20 years of age)

  • Birth Certificate or Identification card
  • House Registration of child, mother and father
  • Military service document (if aged 17 and over)
  • Marriage Certificate of mother and father
  • Identification cards of mother and father
  • Both parents or legal guardians of the child/youth must grant permission by signing application form, and witnessed by an official of the Consulate-General.

Other documents (if applicable)

  • Document certifying a name change
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Adoption papers
  • Document certifying a person's lawful child
  • Alien Identification Card of parents


  • Originals of the above-mentioned documents must be presented together with one "certified true copy" photocopy.
  • Passport fees: 350 RMB.
  • If applying for a new passport (not renewing), the Consulate-General will forward the passport application to Bangkok for issuance. Then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok will forward the new passport back to the Consulate-General.  This process will take about 4-6 weeks.

In the case of a lost or stolen passport

The loss must be immediately reported to the local Public Security Bureau. The original report must be presented to the Consulate-General when applying for a replacement travel document. The Consulate-General will issue the Certificate of Identity in lieu of passport for traveling back to Thailand. The report must also be presented to Chinese authorities when applying for a new visa to replace the visa in the missing passport. Failure to obtain a replacement visa can result in a fine by the Chinese authorities when leaving China.