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The Royal Thai Consulate-General, Kunming, performs notarial services by certifying documents bearing the seals of the Foreign Affairs Offices of Yunnan, Guizhou and Hunan Provinces of the People's Republic of China.

The Consulate-General accepts no responsibility for the contents of the documents submitted for legalization.

The processing time is three (3) working days from the date of submission (for example, submissions made on a Monday can be retrieved on Wednesday).

The Fee is 125 RMB for each seal (paid by cash, WeChat Pay or AliPay).

Documents Required:

•  Application Form

•  Identity Card of the owner of documents

•  Original documents to be legalized, bearing the seal of the Chinese authorities as mentioned above

•  A photocopy of every page of the original documents to be legalized

•  If the documents are not submitted by the owner, a Power of Attorney and the owner’s Identity Card, as well as its copy, are to be submitted along with the application form




办理时间为自提交之日起三个工作日 (例如,星期一提交的星期三可取)。

收费为每枚公章人民币125元 (可现金、微信或支付宝支付)。


  • 申请表
  • 文件所有者身份证
  • 需认证的文件原件,并加盖上述中国部门的公章
  • 需认证的文件原件每一页复印件
  • 若提交文件者不是文件所有者,则应在提交申请表时一并提交委托书、文件所有者身证及复印件。